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Review our plain-english license, covering music produced by Chief City Recordings. We provide music free of charge to no-budget productions. If you are releasing a commercial or professional product, please contact us to arrange licensing.

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Facilitating the collaboration between audio artists and visual artists, Chief City Recordings is an independent music advocate. We are not a label, however we produce CD's and recordings. There are no bands on our roster, but we have a community of bands and artists who we support and work with frequently.

If you produce films or other visual art, and would like access to our library of audio tracks, please get in touch. The library contains found sound and arranged music from a variety of independent artists. Music is free to use for non-commercial productions, if you attribute the work. If you are producing a commercial release, please contact us to arrange licensing. Our goal is to provide affordable music for visual artists, while helping independent musicians receive compensation for their work.


We've been located in Bronx, NY; White Plains, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Portland, OR. From analog four track to digital multitrak, we've had a blast recording and releasing music since 2002.